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Once you go MINT, you never go back.
Who we are?
We are a group of forever young people in love with marketing. We’re dedicated and hard working. We love what we do, and we have results proving that.
What we do?
Together with our clients, we achieve even more than expected. After our marketing magic, you will love yourself even more.
How we do it?
Why MINT? Because we see your success as our own, and we WILL become your new best friend. It is your brand, and we will introduce it to the world. Think big. We do.


360 Campaigns
Your product and services deserve to be introduced to the whole world, trough all available medias.
Are you completely aware of importance of effective logo and corporate branding?! We’re, too. Let’s create magic.
In today’s digital world, your web site is your ID. Due to our design, you will proudly show yours, even without being asked for it. 
We offer: light decoration and effects, stage lights and ICT equipment, organization, full production and creative solution for your event, so you can enjoy it. 
It is 21st century – digital era, so: post it, post it, post it, post it, post it, post it, post it, post it, post it, post it, post it, post it.
Packaging and 3D Design
What is more important: the essence or the form? For us, it’s both. So, allow us to perfectly form your essence. 

Our Clients

Nice to MINT you.

Let’s create perfect version of you