Juče želja, danas stvarnost

360 Campaign
Sberbank, the oldest and the largest Russian and European bank, not only keeps up with modern market trends, but even remains ahead of them, confidently knowing its way around drastically changing technologies and customer preferences. They are aware of value and role of marketing, and we’re happy to be part of their success story.
360 Campaign – “Juče želja, danas stvarnost”
Sberbank is known as a bank that follows the interests of clients, and is trying to accommodate them. For that purposes, Sberbank launched a campaign of consumer’s loans, with online application and 24h realization. Mint team was responsible for creative concept and solution, voice, scenario and video production of TVC. Also, we provided animation, visuals and graphic solutions, and conducted an OOH campaign. Say the fastest loan, say the kindest staff – say Sberbank.