MALI PRINC - Visual identity & Branding

Visual identity & Branding
Mali Princ
Educational center “Mali princ” is a center licensed for SuanPan program of mental arithmetic. SuanPan program is intended for developing potentials of 5-14 years old children. The methodology of program is based on abacus – calculating machine. By using both hands, both left and right sides of the brain are stimulated, which straightens both brain hemispheres and creates new synapsis. During 8-months training, the brain adopts the habit to use both hemispheres equally.
Mali Princ - Visual identity & Branding
Mint designed a logotype which represents the main idea of the center – learning and nourishing good habits trough games and fun. Our design of visual identity of center is in the same line. Also, that was our main idea when designing and adjusting all printable and other promotional material. It was a privilege to be a part of this great program.