Sector Expo 2018 - Event

360 Campaign
Sector Security is one of the largest companies in B&H in field of security management, providing services such as physical and technical security and protection. Starting from year 2000. the company enriched its portfolio with over 5000 satisfied clients and more various services. Their moto “They trust us” has become the synonym for quality, security and 24/7 service.
Sector Security organized the Sector Expo 2018 – Security and energetic efficiency fair, first of its kind in Banja Luka. Mint team was responsible for creative concept, visuals, stage creative solution, and overall event concept. This was followed by visuals adjusted to digital marketing channels, and OOH campaign. The Expo was very well visited and attracted various future investors. All that we can say now to the perfect Sector Security team is: “Alfa team ready. Go, go, go, go”.